N.M.L., Ph.D Leading Coach and author of 7 books on Management and Coaching
Sam has the ability to analyze complex situations with amazing speed and then convey that analysis in a way that is understood, compassionate and diplomatic – and above all he inspires one to action. The clarity of vision that Sam brings to everything he leads leaves everyone involved knowing exactly what they can do to help – and why. His people handling skills are the best I have ever seen – even amongst the most successful leaders of British industry.

N. F, Ph D. Architect
According to the results obtained, I can witness of the great efficiency of his coaching, for which I will never be able to thank him enough.

E.Y. Engineer
He coached me on Business improvement and n personal life approaches. His coaching was very precious particularly at difficult times. He is humane, trustworthy and very competent.

P.P. Vice President (International Company)
I would like to stress the clarity of his vision, and his outstanding analysis ability. He has an exceptional knowledge of management at executive level and is capable of simplifying problems guiding for the best business approach. His ability to listen is perhaps the core of his approach; he never judges anyone, but succeeds in bringing the positive outcome from each issue. He also has superb humane qualities which made me trust him entirely. I heartily recommend him for any manager or business leader who would want to meet a brilliant coach.

L.M. Owner & CEO
I was very happy of his coaching which allowed me to evaluate – with objectivity and without emotions – equilibrated solutions for my company.

P.P.V. Attorney at Law
A man of great intellectual and moral value. Dr. Nassif has always shown entire readiness and great intelligence in human rapports. He has always been able to offer assistance with measure, tact, competence, sensitivity and above all correctness, to those who solicited his intervention and advice.

G.A. CEO Industrial Company
I can say without hesitation that Dr. Nassif brought me a complete support. I was very satisfied with the quality of his coaching, and his impartial approach. Dr. Nassif is someone who is reliable, compassionate and of great confidence on whom we can really count.

M.M. University Student
Sam has a great capacity in bringing things up with simple words. He knows exactly how to ask pertinent questions at the right time. Thanks to his experienced-based knowledge, he can easily come up with great examples and illustrations…and above all he is a terrific listener! He made me feel as I was the only client he had, giving me all the time that I needed. What I would double underline is that he made me comfortable from the very beginning: he won my trust by being friendly, showing empathy to my daily life’s events. But he knows also how to be firm, pushing me herby more and more towards my goal: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”…and there’s nothing better to express what Sam has taught me!

Sam is a phenomenally supportive coach. The opportunity to work with Sam is a gift I have treasured. I am forever grateful to you for your dedication, commitment and support. Your coaching and support means more than you know.

A.N. ICA Student
Sam, thanks for your partnership. Your attentive presence, your flexibility and lightness have made me not only enjoy the process but helped me find tools to face obstacles in the way of achieving my goal.